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Shifa TV is a collaborative effort and welcomes media contributions from around the world based on our submission guidelines. For more details, please write to us at info@shifa.tv and inform us about your talents. Please note that all submissions will be reviewed before inclusion. Content with political bias, sectarianism, hate mongering and the like will not be accepted as it is against our policy. We need your support. Please come forward and join us in this noble endeavor.

To upload your submissions, select a file on your machine and click the Upload File button:

Note: Do not stop the transfer even if the video appears to reach the full upload status. To ensure that the file is still uploading, view the SENT network activity on your machine.

Video Quality Guidelines

  • Submit video content in .WMV format (Can be easily created using Windows Movie Maker)
  • Use ample lighting and a good microphone where possible
  • Complete the Meta Data on each submitted file as shown in the image below (Title, Subtitle, Tags, Comments — Can be made by right-clinking on the file and selecting Properties)
  • Follow the general guidelines for audio and video settings shown below:

Peace Through Shifa TV

Through such programming Shifa TV hopes to achieve increased understanding and contribute towards healing and consequent peace building within communities, nations and the world at large. Its programming is in English, Urdu and any language that submissions are made in. However English sub-titling is requested.