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Shifa is an Arabic word which means healing. Through the medium of the internet, Shifa TV intends to reach out to the international community with programming about youth, women, children, education, spirituality, peace, tolerance, understanding, outreach, service, intercultural communication, interfaith dialogue, the Islamic economy, counseling, the rich intellectual and spiritual legacy and contributions of the Muslim world, and many more topics of importance to the modern world. Its special focus is on creating an international youth community by orienting them about the Islamic culture in various languages. Shifa TV hopes to inshaAllah remove stereotypes and provide accurate historical information about pertinent modern topics that beg the wisdom of the old and the creative innovation of the new.

Shifa TV currently operates out of its seven studios, five based in USA and Canada – Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, Vancouver (B.C.) and Toronto (Ontario), one based in Karachi, Pakistan and one in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Shifa TV is a production of the Islamic Educational and Cultural Research Center or IECRC (www.iecrcna.org), a non-profit, non-political, community-based, 501(c)3 organization providing Islamic educational, cultural, research, and community services in the USA (San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento) and Vancouver, Canada since 2002.